Covid-19 Statement

We are so grateful for your purchase and support of the work we are doing to help our community. We have had an overwhelming response to our masks and what started out as a small local project, has turned into a large demand! We have a few things we want to clarify to make sure everyone is on the same page and you get your masks (and any other products) quickly and efficiently!

-We are literally 2 people producing HUNDREDS of masks! Remember that for every mask purchased, two are made for donation. So our orders are essentially tippled. We need your patience. We are using every single free moment available to turn these out and we are committed to making quality products.

-Masks are custom made at purchase. Which is crazy because we literally haven’t stopped producing!! Which means the orders haven’t stopped coming. We will only advertise designs we have available to make. If we don’t have the material, we don’t have the mask.

-That being said, we are updating our available designs as soon as we are able to as we get new patterns, or run out. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE SPECIAL REQUESTS! For instance, please do not ask if we have a peacock design. If it isn’t showing as an available design, we don’t have it. We are using what elastic we can find, yes ALL THE COLORS. We cannot predict you or your child’s gender and to us, all colors are gender neutral. 

-Production and shipping is very much based on material availability (because everyone is buying up elastics now), and whether or not we’ve had enough sleep and coffee. Short story, we’re going as fast as we can and we will absolutely ship as fast as we can. Once your order is placed, production is 3-5 days, and then whatever shipping method you chose at checkout. Orders of more than 6 masks have a production time of up to 1 week.

Thank you so much again for your continued support. You are welcome to email us with any questions, but please understand it may take us a few days to respond. We continue to remind you the while these masks can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they are not medical grade protections devices. We urge everyone to continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and observe your local stay at home orders/suggestions. Stay safe and healthy!